Naked Kitchen Witch Returns!

Recently, the No.1 attraction of this site has not been my posts on the famous, glamourous and gorgeous Marina Baker, but rather, the one I did on the humble, plain and anonymous, 1950s Naked Kitchen Witch. By way of reward for all those who prefer the ordinary to the extraordinary, I offer another photo of our every-day hero. May it bring you much happiness!

[UPDATE 27 June 09: I now have all twelve photos in this sequence, and all four posts on this subject, indexed on my Kitchen Witch Pages.]>]

4 Responses to “Naked Kitchen Witch Returns!”

  1. […] get enough of a good thing. My two previous posts on the humble, anonymous kitchen witch (here and here) continue to be my most popular; and so, here are two more photos from this sequence for your […]

  2. […] Naked Kitchen Witch Returns! « Sexy Witch Says: 4 April 2009 at 12:48 AM […]

  3. Thank you Kitchen Witch for inspiring all who have a skewed vision of what a sexy woman in various stages of undress should look like.

    It would be nice if we (meaning us in the 3rd dimension) had more witches like you to brighten up the otherwise tedious backgrounds in the deceptive but beautiful hologram oil painting we call sentient life.

    Even though you are only an illusion,

    Merry meet and blessed be!



  4. fresh flesh which is witch the black hat or the saggy tits?when a man living in fear calls a goddess a witch,he has lost contact with his naked self esteem and respect for earth mother.Eye love women and hate war.!!

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