Meyer’s Witch of Endor, 1902

This lovely picture of “Die Hexe von Endor” [The Witch of Endor] is by Kunz Meyer-Waldeck, a German artist who lived to be almost one hundred (b.1859 in Mitau, d.1953 in Neuburg). The printer, Richard Bong, informs up ‘Vervielfäligung und Einzelverkauf dieses kunstblattes ist untersagt’ [duplication and single sale of this art leaf is prohibited]. I bought it as a single leaf, and now I have reproduced it. Just as well I can’t read German.

If you compare the image here, to those that appear in my previous posts on the Witch of Endor (the anonymous image of 1728, Staal’s image of 1853 and Dore’s image of 1866), you will see that it is—by far—the naughtiest of the lot.

9 Responses to “Meyer’s Witch of Endor, 1902”

  1. I just discovered your blog and have been looking through the archives – what a great site!

  2. Infidelis Maximus Says:

    Fantastic blog. Please keep up the good work. Stop by mine when you get a minute.

  3. You have very swiftly made my blogroll. BB.

  4. Thanks folks, the Germans really do know how to paint a witch! And there is more to come…

    Red Witch

  5. […] Meyer’s Witch of Endor, 1902 […]

  6. I just stumbled across this blog and really love it. I was planning to do a post on the witch of Endor and got here by looking for images on Google). Would you be ok with me linking to your posts on her and talking a little about the pictures?

    Either way, thanks for the great information and beautiful images!

  7. redwitch1 Says:

    Sanil, you are very welcome to use any of the images, but I would appreciate a credit and the link. Best, RW

  8. Thank you! I will definitely do that.

  9. In La Ilustracion Artistica, a spanish magazine,October 1901, there is a reproduction of the print.

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