More DeviantArt

Here are ten of my favourite witchy images from the thousands on DeviantArt. Each one is linked to the artist’s page. I have tried to select original art in a variety of styles and I have excluded photos, drawings and anime, which I will post on separately. Enjoy!

Witchfinder General’s Parlour by Wildlifehoodoo [Andy Jones]
Scarlet by bluemonika [Marlon Teunissen]
.Sickness.Unto.Foolish.Death. by Teraphim
Happy Halloween? by Paul07791 [Paul Loudon]
Witch by SpringOnionPrincess
Witching Hour2 by Hehe-m
Red Witch by HappySchizophrenic [Elisa Maslowski]
In the Midst of Night by Teraphim
The Star Melody by Barchetta
Envy by Angeliq

3 Responses to “More DeviantArt”

  1. The green witch with pumpkin goblins was adorable!

  2. Curt Purcell Says:

    Wow, great stuff!

  3. becca…I’m not the only one then….lol!

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