Fiona Horne in Black+White (again)

Fiona Horne first appeared in Black+White in October 1994. This was two years before her band (DEF FX) broke up, four years before Horne published her first book: Witch: A Personal Journey, and about six years before she had a surgeon perform a permanent glamour on herself. Given the twelve years that divides the two photo shoots, the pictures make for an interesting comparison (see my post on the 1994 pictorial here).

The photos for this November 2006 pictorial were shot in the hills above Sydney Harbour, Horne’s home before she left for LA in 2001. The interview that accompanies this pictorial reprise Horne’s role in Celebrity Survivor (see my blog entry here) and look forward to her new book: Bewitch a Man: How to Find Him and Keep Him Under Your Spell (published September 2006).

Since 2006, Horne has now added another book to her, frankly impressive, list of publications: L.A. Witch: Fiona Horne’s Guide to Coven Magick (released 1 April 2007). According to the blurb on this book Horne is presently working on her own television show; her web site reports that she also has a regular podcast “radio show” called Spellbound.

In order to simply the navigation between my various posts on Horne, I have created an index of my Fiona Horne pages here.

12 Responses to “Fiona Horne in Black+White (again)”

  1. Zoey & Me Says:

    Why are these photos so dark?

  2. Sexy indeed!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah love the Hollywood fake tits! What a sell-out.

  4. I think she’s a knock out.

  5. i thought wicca was about, to a certain extent, redefining beauty for women. i thought it was about recognising the goddess and not oppressing that by trying to live up to stereotypes for men.
    what’s with the boobjob when witchcraft is supposed to help her self-esteem?

  6. wizard luxas Says:

    A Beautiful witch she would be if she had a better teacher, but that’s why wicca is more image then substance…. i was in wicca a long time ago, just to try to see why it isn’t like our stuff..witchcraft of the root….and i found they wasn’t as open as they appear….

    Real Witchcraft has limits but not limitations….

  7. I can’t help noticing that the first picture is probably the most honest. Fiona in workboots seems to have an attitiude of, “Well, let’s get on with the ditch-digging”. In short, this is WORK, for the money, and she’s naked because that’s her main asset. Every other shot looks like Fiona Horne striking a pose. AGAIN.

  8. Lightdragon Says:

    never knew i didn’t reply to this, bit hot.

  9. K-G-Ledg Says:

    Not a knock-out or sexy ! The 1 they call Z white witch Fiona Horne is older & a wanna-be sex-pot NOT ! MRS Robinson ? Miss Fiona = fake as all git out ! Fake ponytail , fake tan , fake tits , fake attitude @altitude . Too bad for Fiona dat her young thang boy-toy is with another blonde or is it brunett young thang behind her white witch azz,,,,,,,,,,

  10. drumsonstage Says:

    What a bitch thing to say K-G-Ledg!!’re not very nice.
    ‘Witch Bitch’? ;)

  11. Someone wants to be a playboy bunny. Stop with all the posing, where’s the witchy part? I want to see something other than T & A please, something related to earth, moon & magick

  12. Wicca has never been about ‘redefining beauty for women’. You’re mistaking feminism with wicca. Modern wicca was invented by a man in the 1950s.

    I think you’re all missing the point. Fiona wants to look like a bimbo. She’s a barbie with a brain. You’re all stuck in the era of 2nd wave feminism if you think gaining new tits equals losing credibility. Get over it. Fiona is a D grade celeb as well as a wise witch as well as a bimbo and a babe plus a singer, a writer, an actress, etc etc. It’s called multiplicity.

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