Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, ca. 1910

This sequence of French postcards shows the various steps that a group of young witches go through on their way to a sabbat (or sabbath if you prefer). We see the witches arrive, being anointed, flying up the chimney, flying over Paris, and arriving at the sabbat, where the devil is waiting in an ancient circle of standing stones.

The postcards are unnumbered so it is unclear how complete this series is; most postcard groups are of six or eight cards, so I suspect there is at least one more of these wonderful postcards waiting for me somewhere. The cards have no space for a message: the images alone saying something about, and for, the sender.

[UPDATE 20 Feb 09: The delightful Eloise Sunshine has identified the building that appears in the fourth card as the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur [Basilica of the Sacred Heart], which was built in Paris between 1875 and 1914. This Romano-Byzantine Catholic church was a landmark even before it was completed: it is built upon the bodies of 1870–71 Communards, constant attempts were made to stop its construction, and money ran out before the crypts were complete. A provisional chapel was consecrated in 1876, services began in 1891 and the church was completed largely through pilgrimage donations.

Since the dome of a church is usually the last part to be finished, it is likely that the skyline we see only existed in the real world after 1910. And since postcards with undivided backs were phased out by 1910, and these cards are undivided, it would appear that the painter of the backdrop to the fourth postcard finished the Basilica faster than the stonemasons working on the 83 meter dome and the 55 meter cupola!

For more information on the Basilica (it is built on the highest point in Paris, but the Eiffel Tower—built in 1889—is taller) see here.]

14 Responses to “Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, ca. 1910”

  1. whore in the temple Says:

    These are awesome. I love your site – this is my first visit which came about because we were both graced with a link from “sensible erection.” How delightful. :(
    In any case, I enjoyed your vintage photos and the historical information about witches, which have always been fascinating to me.

  2. Wonderful set of postcards, I love the vintage occult stuff but it’s so hard to find. Bravo!

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  4. Jenessa Says:

    Lovely. :)

  5. There is definately at least one other card in this series . I have one that you do not have and which I suspect, would, when placing them in order, appear just before your final one. It depicts the girls crouched by the fire and looks like one of them is conjuring the ‘Devil’ to appear within the rising smoke.

    I also have another but am not sure that it fits within the set and shows the two girls naked, one kneeeling and the other dancing or perhaps making some ritual gesture. Email me, and I will show you them.

    I really enjoyed browsing your site – excellent!


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  7. Witches on the fire!

  8. redwitch1 Says:

    Indeed, thanks Sovannak, this is actually an image I posted! It is from my update-post here



  9. Andri Kyrychok Says:

    Really interesting footnote at the end. Very good find

  10. I think I have your missing one.
    If you send me an email address I could send a pic.

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