Elliot, This Trick’s A Treat, 1950

Freeman Elliot did three Artist’s Sketch Pads for Brown and Bigelow from 1949 to 1951. As The Pin-up Files notes “each page of these twelve-page calendars had a primary pin-up figure surrounded by several razor-crisp side sketches commenting in some way on the main picture. The large pin-up was painted in gouache, Elliot’s favourite medium, the smaller sketches done in pencil.”

Elliot’s ‘This Trick’s A Treat’ appeared in October 1950. Brown and Bigelow was one of the biggest calendar printers in the world, issuing numerous single month calendars as promotional items for companies. The following pinup notepad was produced for Stewart and Lambert Complete Pest Control, Santa Paula.

Note the hag mask (at left) leering at, and directing the viewer’s attention to, this sexy witch’s lovely legs. The pretty-witch-with-hag-mask theme was the subject of a previous post illustrated by Robert Robinson’s 1949 cover art for Motor Magazine. That this theme was well established by 1949 will be clear from future posts.

[UPDATE 4 April 09: this is one of about a dozen images ripped off this blog, printed out and sold to unsuspecting eBay shoppers as mini-posters, prints, pendants, ID cases, cigarette cases etc. Buyers beware!]

3 Responses to “Elliot, This Trick’s A Treat, 1950”

  1. Marvin The Magnificent Says:

    Never mind the hag mask, the pumpkin head looks pretty excited too!

    Why do non of the witches I know dress like this?

    Great blog.

  2. I love Freeman’s work. The color pin-ups with the rough sketches behind them are so neat to look at.

    Very cool post.

  3. cooltopten Says:

    Very cool.there is something sexy about witches , vampires and goth culture .keep up the goos work.
    Stop by my site if you have time, i think you may like it.

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