Marina Baker in Casanova, 1987

Marina Baker plays Lucretia in Simon Langton’s Casanova (1987). The script for this television movie, featuring Richard Chamberlain and Faye Dunaway, was written by George MacDonald Fraser, author of the Flashman novels. Yvonne Blake, the costume designer, was nominated for Emmy for her work on this production.

IMDB describes the film as “A very long, beginning-to-end life story of an eighteenth century womanizer.” An unrated 122 minute cut of the film was released on VHS for the US market. The European version of the film is 168 minutes (it was released in two parts) and is rated FSK 16 (16yrs +). The European version contains extra nude footage but it is not clear whether Bakers’ bedroom scene with Richard Chamberlain is included or not.

Playboy included two stills of this scene in its April 1987 issue.

4 Responses to “Marina Baker in Casanova, 1987”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Waht does she offer for a vote in the Lewes (East Sussex) council elections?

  2. I think we may finally find out soon whether the “nude” version of Marina’s bedroom scene with Chamberlain is in the 168/174-minute version. I located somebody this weekend who has the Japanese laserdisc release (the uncut version with nude scenes) which has the original English dialogue, and he’s making a DVD-R for me. The Turner Video release of this film was cut further down beyond its original 143-minute broadcast running time and does NOT include even the edited version of the scene that we saw in the U.S. That means there’s nearly half an hour’s worth of extra footage (25 min. if the 168-min. version, 31 minutes if the film clocks in at 174 minutes. I’ll review when I get it and keep you posted. I’m kind of surprised the full-length version has never gotten out onto P2P sites because it’s something a lot of Marina fans would love to see.

  3. Some scenes were filmed in Spain and I performed as an extra in that movie. I have been trying to get the whole film for a long time.

    I’d apreciate any information to buy this film in VHS or DVD compatible for spanish sustems, or to download it.

  4. FOUND IT!! This time it’s the real deal, the 173/174-minute version (in three parts of about an hour each), and I hit the jackpot – Marina is topless throughout her entire time on screen! She appears first in an orgy/gambling party sequence where she’s ordered by her lover to seduce Casanova, and then follows the bedroom scene – with several superb shots of Marina’s endowments. The version I have originally ran on Hungarian TV, so I think (though I didn’t run the sound) that it’s been dubbed in Hungarian. Also, it’s a TV-rip, so don’t expect DVD quality.

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