Amandine Magic at Hegre-Art

As well as ten halloween-themed witchy ecards, Hegre-Art, is offering 137 images of Amandine under the title Amandine Witch Craft (see the link here) and a six minute video titled Amandine Magic. The film is described thus: “Filmed in the city of Paris, Amandine is one of the city’s most popular strippers by day and an even hotter black witch by night sure to put a spell on all those who look at her”.

Six pictures of Amandine are reproduced below (see my previous post on Hegre-Art Halloween e-cards for two more). The film, and all the pictures are available here. See below for my note on the name Amandine and why this is a particularly naughty name!

A Note on the name Amandine

Amandine Malabule is the name given to Mildred Hubble in the French-language version of the television series The Worst Witch (1998-2001); a series based on the books of Jill Murphy (1974-2005). Audio tapes of Murphy’s books appeared in the 1980s, a film was released in 1986; the television series was followed by the short-lived Weirdsister College (2001) and The New Worst Witch (2005).

Murphy’s Amandine is “a clumsy, bungling young witch-in-training” in her early teens. Fairuza Balk, the actress who played Mildred Hubble in 1986 (and went on to play a very sexy witch in The Craft in 1996), was born in 1974; and Georgina Sherrington, the actress who played Mildred Hubble from 1998 to 2001, was born in 1985: so both were under 13 when they took on the role. It is not clear whether Amandine (the model) adopted the name of a fictional minor to add frisson to her act (as a stripper) or whether the connection is purely fortuitous; however, since Amandine (the model) was working under that name before the Hegre project (see her modelling agency page here) it is at least clear that she did not take on the name for this film.

If this seems like a long digression, consider what would occur if the film was called something like Hot Hermoine and featured a model, who also worked under that name as a stripper, appeared naked and spread-eagled on the cover. Warner Brothers would have it removed in five-minutes. (If you don’t know who Hermoine Granger is, Google it!).

5 Responses to “Amandine Magic at Hegre-Art”

  1. Princess Lucinda Nightbane Says:

    I’m not sure I approve of my sisters being exploited like this.
    But I guess if you’re willing to risk being a toad

  2. Research on this beer led me to you site!
    It is very good!

    From the Blackwych breweries!

  3. Have a taste for Religion … Lick a Witch! Thank you for sharing perhaps a sweetness can not taste a hunger can not be fed for there are no words to express the beauty cuz’ a mountain stream would lose its sweet and beautiful melody if our Creator took away its rocks! ~Vaya con Dios

  4. Perfect just perfect

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