Lopez & Barreiro’s Young Witches

The Young Witches is a series of graphic comics by Francisco Solano Lopez and Eduardo Barreiro published by Eros Comics (an adult-oriented imprint of Fantagraphics Books).

Set in late nineteenth-century London, the novels trace the misfortunes of Lilian Cunnington. Lilian is raised by her aunts (witches) before being sent to a witch school, where she is taught the history of witchcraft and discovers her latent psychic powers. She also finds friends, enemies, and would-be lovers.

Lilian is often scantily clad, naked or having sex, and even more often observing others in a similar state or doing the same. Like most Eros Comics there are strong sado-masochistic themes; and so Lillian and her friends rarely choose their partners, human or otherwise. Over the course of the six volumes Lilian meets Freud, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack the Ripper, Albert Einstein, Dorian Grey and the Goddess Ishtar. She also discovers (a la The Matrix) that it has all been a dream.

Book 4 (part 1)

Individual issues have been bound up in the following collections: The Young Witches [vol.1; 1993]; The Young Witches: London Babylon [vol.2; 1997]; The Young Witches: Empire of Sin [vol.3; 2002]; The Young Witches: The Eternal Dream [vol.4; 2003]; The Young Witches: The Legacy [vol.5]; The Young Witches: The Wrath of Agatha [vol.6].

There are also a few pages from these comics available online: Book 1 (part 2), Book 1 (part 4); the whole of Book 2 is available (part 1); (part 2); (part 3); (part 4); (part 5); (part 6); (part 7); (part 8); (part 9); (part 10); (part 11); (part 12); there is also Book 4 (part 1).

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