Marina Baker again

The five photos below are from Baker’s appearance in the March 1987 issue of Playboy [see below for links to the full article]. In a previous post I reproduced other pictures clearly taken during the same series of photo shoots but, apparently, first printed in other Playboy publications.

For more information on Baker and her many Playboy appearances see Wikipedia. For a vast archive of Baker photos and a few short video clips of Baker (including her interview by Clive James at Playboy Mansion) see The Marina Baker Playhouse (a Yahoo! group).

[UPDATE 18 Jul 07: the above images are now linked to 1000 pixel wide (or high) scans, the larger files, posted on 19 Sep 06, having been removed by Imageshack]

4 Responses to “Marina Baker again”

  1. BlueFlame Says:

    I really like, i have always found the body of a woman to be the most breathtaking image ever! you got the mix of Self-Image and Magik perfect. i am happy to see that others think like i do.


  3. I am a straight woman and DAMN I WANT TO TAP THAT!!! : D

  4. stunningly beutiful

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