Fiona Horne in Celebrity Survivor

Fiona Horne was a contestant in Australia’s latest reality show Celebrity Survivor (or Celebrity Survivor: Vanuatu or Australia’s Celebrity Survivor), currently airing on the Seven Network. She did not last long. As of 31 August (episode three) she was voted off the island.

From the start, Horne made herself the unofficial leader of Moso (one of the two “tribes”); she also started to get on some of her tribemates’ nerves. By episode three Amber Petty had had enough: she stood up to Horne and confronted her about her excessive bossiness and lack of respect towards the rest of Moso. According to the Wikipedia entry on this episode “Feeling ostracised, Fiona goes off alone to have some time to herself from the tribe. She decides to chill out, reflect and get in touch with her spiritual side by bathing nude.”

The footage of this event was much anticipated. This is because Horne had also proved unpopular with former Australian Idol meanie Ian “Dicko” Dickson (aka Ian Ross Perrygrove). One report describes “Hornebags” as “one of the D-list celebrities sent to Vanuatu last month to take part in the series.” It quotes her as describing Dickson as derogatory, sexist and insulting on the set. In reply Dickson is quoted (elsewhere) as saying:

“I saw her as basically a weekend feminist and a bit of a fake, frankly.” “Her calling me sexist—I find it amazing, because she was the one person on the island who went to the reality crew and tapped them on the shoulder and said: ‘I am going to bathe naked in the waterfall. Would you like to film it?'”

The footage of Horne’s swim appeared in episode 3. The screen-captures below are from this thirty second segment. Horne states, in her voiceover:

“I’ve been denying it. Yeah, I took a leadership role. But I realised when it was starting to rub people up the wrong way and what I was doing for them was starting to be help against me, I thought ‘time to do that alone time’ and just get back to my personal space. For me, its like a ritual to go down and wash. And that’s got a lot to do with my spirituality, because with my witchcraft…we all know that nature is sacred … I always leave an offering for the gods. I just give thanks all the time.”

9 Responses to “Fiona Horne in Celebrity Survivor”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great blog! If you want to see some very sex-positive magick, check out the writings of Nema in the old Cincinnatti Journal Of Ceremonial Magick

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yes well having known fiona in sydney for many years, she certainly is a fake, all this witchcraft came from her former friend wendy. She’s just a lucky person who’s happened to use her ‘female’ charm on many many men.

    good luck to you fiona!

  3. Caroline Tully Says:

    Well no wonder the previous comment was “anonymous” – if you’re going to criticise somemone like that, please provide EVIDENCE. I assure you that Fiona is not a “fake” at all. She is obviously successful at witchcraft, if her writing career is anything to go by.

    Who is “anonymous” to say whether someone is or is not “real” when it comes to witchcraft? I think you need to provide examples to back up your argument.

    When it comes to witchcraft, I’d like to hear what “anonymous” consideres “fake”? What is “fake-ness” criteria for witchcraft and why do you think Fiona is a fake?

    Personally, I believe that witchcraft is a style of magick and its aim is to get results in the material world through ritual processes. It also has a mystical, religious aspect through which communion with the divine is achieved.

    I can hardly see how anyone can be “fake” about that – or at least how others are able to judge it.


    Caroline Tully.

  4. Wizard Luxas Says:

    Fiona is a beginner in Witchcraft, her rituals are poor, they clash with the known, and when talking she said “witchcraft isn’t a religion, its an art…then later says wicca is my religion…” too many loopholes in that sexy body…

    As a teacher in the Arts for Years i can honestly say she needs better material….

  5. This is hilarious. I just happened to come across this years later, as I am familiar with Fiona today. Fiona is 100% a fake. She is insecure and wanted to be filmed in the buff to show off her then-newer implants. Her boobs are fake, her hair is a weave, her eyelashes are fake, her tan, her smile, her everything. She treats people, who she considers underneath her like trash. She kisses ass to anything whom she feels would benefit her personal or professional life. Karma is real, though.

  6. Nothing sexy about Fiona Horne. Fi needs to stop grasping for D-celebrity “fame”. She’s just an old 45 year old hag clinging to a look that no longer looks right on someone like her. If only she were a true wiccan, then she would be natural and real. There is nothing real about this manufactured silicon-based look. How much botox does she use under her eyes? How many fillers does she inject into her wrinkles? How many hair extensions? How many boob jobs? There is nothing authentic there…everyone knows.

  7. “witchcraft isn’t a religion, its an art…then later says wicca is my religion…”

    I realise this was almost a year ago, but I feel compelled to point out the fact that “Witchcraft” and “Wicca” are not the same thing, and that her statement is entirely -correct-

    For a “teacher of the Arts”, that was a very novice mistake to post.

  8. One day at the veggie bar in Fitzroy I commented to my brother that Matt Thomas was sitting a few tables away. We laughed excitedly as we both love the Mavis’s. I thought Matt was with his sister . My brother got up to go to the bathroom. Before I knew it Fiona Horne walks up to my table and bends over and flashes her arse at me. Did not know what to make of this behaviour, so full of herself, it was pure bitchcraft on her part. As she says though, if she is nasty it comes back to her, she is almost fifty, dfx is painfully outdated and she is tone deaf. So I think I may have had the last laugh since that “incident” one day in Fitzroy.

  9. I really hope the above criticisms aren’t coming from fellow witches because it’s embarrassing how age-ist and misogynistic these comments are. People should be free to do what they want with their bodies and style themselves however they like. Fiona Horne has achieved a lot in her diverse career. As for what she’s like as a person, I’m in no place to judge, I don’t know her. Think twice because you mock someone for their appearance, their body, or their age. And before you slag off someone’s career, what have YOU achieved that’s so much better than her? Lets look at things realistically – like all of us, Fiona is likely a mixture of good and bad human traits, but she probably doesn’t deserve to be torn apart for it.

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