Sexy Witches on Tandem Books

Tandem was a paperback publisher or, rather, the paperback imprint of a series of different publishers (see here for details). While Tandem was active, between the mid 60s and the late 70s, they regularly released witchy titles. The cover art on these books changed dramatically around 1967. Before 1966 the cover art was, well, art in the traditional sense: paintings of varying quality. Here is an example from 1965:

After 1968 the covers of Tandem books started to sport risque photographs. So, to use the same example, when Arkon Daraul’s Witches and Sorcerers was reissued in 1969 it looked like this:

The same photo as above also appears on Luba Severg, The Do-It-Yourself Witchcraft Guide (New York: Award Books, 1971). Other books published by Tandem at the time have similar designs, though each has a different photo. Here are a few more examples.

Ronald Seth, Witches and their Craft (London: Tandem, 1970).

Jules Michelet, Satanism and Witchcraft (London: Tandem, 1970).
[UPDATE 24.08.06: As Curt from The Groovy Age of Horror has pointed out, the same photo as above also appears on Florence Stevenson, The Witching Hour (New York: Award Books, 1971). Check out his discussion of this book here, and browse around his fabulous site.]

Louise Huebner, Witchcraft for All (London: Tandem, 1971).

The growing enthusiasm for photographs rather than paintings on paperback cover art is just as clear with other publishers in other countries (some of whom I will look at another time). In the U.S., the U.K. and Australia risque photos became commonplace in bookshops. It seems likely that, in each country, this was the direct result of a series of high-profile legal cases and the dramatic collapse of censorship in this period.

4 Responses to “Sexy Witches on Tandem Books”

  1. Hello Red Witch

    I’ve recently been trying to compile a catalogue of Tandem publications during the sixties and seventies and found your article very helpful. Some of the Dennis Wheatley Library Of The Occult books for Sphere feature fairly raunchy cover photo’s too. Just been browsing through the rest of your site. Very entertaining!

  2. Red Witch Says:

    Thanks Demonik, your bibliography will be very useful, I am still gathering up paperbacks for a series of posts next year, so stay tuned.

    Since you modestly left off the link to your “Tandem Horror 1964-76”, I will give it here for anyone interested:

    Red Witch

  3. […] the Tandem covers I discussed in an earlier post, around 1967 Horwitz moved from painted covers to photographic ones, and from veiled figures to […]

  4. Since you are a collector, I thought you might like to know that the cover photo for the Arkon Daraul book, “Witches and Sorcerers”, also appears on “The Do-It-Yourself Witchcraft Guide” by Luba Sevarg, an Award book, circa 1971.

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