Sexy Flapper Witch

This tin halloween noisemaker was manufactured by T. Cohn, Inc. Brooklyn, New York in the early 30s. The lithograph design is sensational: a witch passing in front of an angular New York skyline, wearing a halter top and skirt (or possibly flared shorts). Searchlights criss-cross the sky and an enormous moon frames the witches head. Bats circle below. Note that, unusually for this period, the witch does not ride side-saddle. (Two similar costume designs are available here: Sexy Flapper Costume and Halter top, shorts and wrap skirt).

2 Responses to “Sexy Flapper Witch”

  1. Hello,

    My name is Pax, I’m a Witch and writer in Davenport, Florida, USA. I would like your permission to copy the photo from this post to use on a post about my love for a more Old-fasioned fun and spooky Halloween versus the gore soaked spectacle that seems prevalent these days.

    Any how, here is a link to the post as it will appear should you give your permission.

    Thank you for your time,

    Geoffrey D. Stewart
    Also Known As: Pax

  2. Greetings,

    Thanks much for sharing these images – they’re very enchanting!

    I cleaned up a couple in Photoshop, including the Sexy Flapper Witch. I’d be glad to share them with you in appreciation. They look brand spanking new.



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