Fiona Horne in Black+White

As mentioned in a previous post Fiona Horne appeared in Black+White in October 1994. The following pictures are from this interview/pictorial.

The uncredited author writes: Horne “calmly peeled off her shirt during a break between sets at the Big Day Out , to sip Evian from the blocks, while the flash bulbs went hysteric. Bodily pride and sheer heat motivated the act, yet Horne received the inevitable pc backlash for perpetuating the sex-object stereotype. Nothing could be further from the truth. After a decade of fending off both tit-obsessed hecklers and the blonde bimbo media label, Horne is finally inured to the tyranny of image.”

In October 2005 (in her US Playboy interview/pictorial) Horne added: “the naked body is divine…witchcraft is very healthy for my self-confidence and self-appreciation. We wear so many masks in society, and people make judgements based on what we wear. But when we’re naked, we’re all just god/godess creatures.”

These admirable sentiments are undermined somewhat by the context in which they appear (magazines for tit-obsessed men) and by Horne’s decision to get breast implants (self-confident and inured to the tyranny of image?). Perhaps Horne will expand on this interesting subject in her two new books on witchcraft that are due for publication in the next 12 months: Bewitch a Man: How to Find Him and Keep Him Under Your Spell (release date: 26 September 2006) and L.A. Witch (release date: 1 April 2007).

[UPDATE 25 April 2009: See my Fiona Horne Pages for posts covering Horne’s 1998 and 2005 photshoots for Playboy, her appearance in the August 2006 episodes of Celebrity Survivor etc.]

5 Responses to “Fiona Horne in Black+White”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    but is it art?

  2. GoldenMeadows Says:

    Yes! and beautiful as well.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    She did another shoot for Black+Withe magazine for the November 2006 issue. If you are able to find pics from that, along with any other pic, such as ones from her Sport magazine or Last, it would be much appreciated! :D

  4. Her boobs are a lot smaller here than they were on that reality tv show she stripped naked on, I wonder why?

  5. Sprmcandy Says:

    Gorgeous art.

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