Sexy Witches in Nose Art

‘Nose Art’ is the artwork that is used to decorate combat aircraft. The Golden Age of nose art was during World War II and the Korean War, when the pin-up reigned supreme. A number of books have been written on the subject, and many sites exist which archive contemporary photos of the planes (see links below). Here are a few of examples of ‘sexy witch’ nose art.

Gary M. Valant, Vintage Aircraft Nose Art (Osceola: Motorbooks International, 1987) or Jeffrey L. Ethell and Clarence Simonsen, The History of Aircraft Nose Art: W.W.II to Today (Osceola: Motorbooks International, 1993).

Nose Art Research Project
Luc’s Photo Hangar

3 Responses to “Sexy Witches in Nose Art”

  1. […] Apparently, the many Petty pinup published in the 30s and 40s “helped build morale during wartime”. Certainly, reproductions of his work were widely rendered by military artists as nose art decorating warplanes during the Second World War (for my post on nose art, see here). […]

  2. Sorry for smartassing on the gun post, of course you have featured nose art alredy… stupid me! :-D

  3. Thanks for sharing. Good to find im not the only one that
    really loves this.

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