“Babetta” ran The Sorcerer’s Shop on Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, for more than twenty-five years according to the L.A. Weekly (23 September 1998). The business appears to have closed, though advertisements for it remain archived in the less-frequented parts of the net. Babetta appeared in Penthouse in September 1974. She performed an opening ritual for the Hollywood Wax Museum in the late 70s. As a result (according to the L.A. Weekly) a “wax doppelgänger” was cast “from her very shapely body”. How long this remained on show is not mentioned. Pictures anyone?

[UPDATE 20 September 08: An anonymous piece of feedback has alerted me to the fact that Babetta has recently (i.e., as of 23 January 2008) created her own web site here. She has very kindly linked to my YouTube Video (Sexy Witch Video No.2; aka Season of the Sexy Witches) which is a homage to her and her contemporaries. And since the name of her website mirrors mine I guess the homage works both ways!

Anyway, if you check out you will find more images, more information, Fragrant Potions etc. Have fun!]

[UPDATE 18 April 09 Shortly after the above update my Sexy Witch video was removed from YouTube due to “Terms of Use Violation”: meaning that the video was anonymously flagged as containing inappropriate content. There is no way to challenge this decision, and it does not matter that the video was viewed 19,119 times with only one complaint. Sound familiar? Anyway, I reposted the video on Blogger, which can only be watched on my old Blogger site (here), and will repost it on my WordPress page once I work out how. Meanwhile I have improved the quality and size of the above images.]

12 Responses to “Babetta”

  1. Chas S. Clifton Says:

    Babetta! I remember that Penthouse layout, although I was pretty young. I decided that I wanted it all: the stained glass, the Witchcraft, the carven mantlepiece, Babetta, the candles . . .

    But maybe not the stuffed swan, although I had read my Greek myths and caught the allusion.

  2. Francis Clarke-Rowland Says:

    I have had that picture with her sitting as my desktop for the last eight years without knowing where it came from or who it was. Thanks for the info.

  3. Red Witch Says:

    Thanks Francis,

    As I said to Kitty (in feedback on Ren Wicks’ Bathing Witch), given how much time I spend trying to work out where images come from, I am particularly pleased to be able to help you identify this one.

    And, if you have not seen it already, check out my 2nd YouTube video: Babetta has a star role!

    Red Witch

  4. Lauren W Says:

    Hi Red Witch!

    I have a favor to ask of you. I’ve been looking for an image to use for the invitations to this year’s Halloween party and the first photo of Babetta on the pentagram would be perfect!

    The only problem is that the resolution is too low. If you have a higher resolution image that I could use for printing (postcard size), would you mind sending it to me? I would be forever grateful!

  5. Red Witch Says:

    I am sorry Lauren W, but 1000 pixels is as big as I go; for all sorts of copyright-related reasons I just can’t use or give out any larger images except for photos I take myself, or objects from before the 1920s.

    If you want print-quality images, it’ll only cost you a few dollars for a copy of the September 1974 Penthouse she is in.

    Alternatively, you could try contacting Babetta via her new web site. She uses an uncropped version of this image on her site, which would be even better than the one above.

    Good luck!


  6. David London Says:

    I met Babetta in 1974 in her “Sorcery Shop”, and a intense attraction as well as a mutual admiration for the powerful transference of Sexual Energy we shared became the predominant Dynamic in our infrequent. Exchanges. As the attraction heightened so did the Sexual tension. I being a noted Thelemic Magician & highranking Mystic in Crowley’s Astrum Argentinum & Ordo Templ Orientis (the inner and outer Order), and Babetta being a Wiccan High Priestess made for a Divinely powerful Union of which my memories of those shared moments of intimacy still linger and I savor every one of those images. Quite a Temptress and very classy. 1st CLASS! But the power struggle drew us apart sadly. Hot blooded Italian lest I forget to mention it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

  7. Barry Hester Says:

    This is a message for David London. I knew Babetta back in 1984. Wrote a feature story on her and The Sorcerer’s Shop for a national business magazine. Would love to exchange memories of this true enchantress.

    Please email me at …

    P.S. MUCH THANKS to whoever’s blog this is. Great stuff!

    P.P.S. Happy Halloween 2009, y’all!

  8. Does anybody know of a way of contacting Babetta? I am intrested in meeting her. Does she cast by chance still?

  9. Nona Wood Says:

    I still have my bottle of special bathing salts she gave to me
    way back in middle 70’s….blue salts in a tall sq. bottle with her
    Sasnta Monica,CA address on it…..wouldn’t trade it….thanks for the memories…..nonie wood

  10. “Babetta Sexy Witch” was in fact seriously compelling and useful!
    In todays universe that’s quite hard to achieve.
    I am grateful, Georgetta

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