Fiona Horne

Fiona Horne considers herself a ‘celebrity Witch’, meaning either ‘a celebrity and a witch’ or ‘a celebrity because she is a witch’.

Horne was the lead singer in DEF FX (which broke up in 1996) and, for this reason, appeared frequently in magazines and on television in Australia. She published her first book Witch: A Personal Journey in March 1998, and has written a number of other witchy books since (for which, see here). She has kept in the media spotlight on this basis (once her attempt at a solo career collapsed).

She has done nude and erotic photo spreads for Black+White (October 1994), Ralph Magazine (September 1998), FHM (1998?), as well as Australian Playboy (November 1998) and, after moving to Los Angeles in 2001, Playboy [US edition] (October 2005).

Horne obviously visited a plastic surgeon between her two Playboy shoots for a breast augmentation (aka a boob job), going from a A-cup to a D-cup (see pictures below). Consequently, on 14 September 2005 Horne appeared at No.74 on Steve Sullivan ‘The Glamour Girls Hot 100’ described as a “Stacked Australian blonde”.

For a sceptical review of Horne’s Wiccan claims and practices see Who is Fiona Horne? by Juliaki.

[UPDATE 25 April 2009: See my Fiona Horne Pages for posts covering Horne’s 1998 and 2005 photshoots for Playboy, her appearance in the August 2006 episodes of Celebrity Survivor etc.]

16 Responses to “Fiona Horne”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hey fiona i hope i got tha rite fiona, i saw yu on THE TYRA BANKS SHOW.. and im interested in what yu were talkin abot… yu not like the average witch my mom and dad, warned me interested in knowing and learning good witchcraft.. plz send me an email.. tank yu!!its

  2. Red Witch Says:

    Many thanks to “youngsoulrebel81” for letting me know about the dead link on this page: all fixed now!

    Red Witch

  3. Lightdragon Says:


  4. fiona a witch she was afraid of her own shadow on “mad, mad, house”, she is what we in the magic(k) would call “a goddess in herself” claiming something that they can never fully understand, but because of body are inflicted with…

  5. Lightdragon Says:

    go on Wizard Luxas . i am listening.

  6. Kate103179 Says:

    I used to have a great repect for Ms. Horne, as she seemed to show a great deal of down-to-earth common sense as well as self respect in her book Witch: A Magical Journey as well as various interviews. It is sad that this woman that I held in such high regard would lower herself to pose for “nude and erotic spreads” and even worse that she pushed for purity of spirit AND BODY and would proceed to poison her own body with invasive breast implants. It would seem that she’s more interested in how big of a model/celebrity she can become than following the beliefs of her own craft.

  7. You got it Kate. I knew Fiona long before Def FX or wicca, her prime aim is to bolster her own insecurity with fame and famous friends.

  8. Exactly right! Fiona is not only an insecure and fame-hungry, but she also is willing to step on toes to get there. As an aside on a personal level, several have witnessed her jealousy and poor behavior towards a gorgeous female friend of mine because the younger gal is competition to Fiona for attention and success. Fi continues to kiss ass to those whom she feels would benefit her personal or professional life, though. Fi is older and her popularity is losing steam…one has to wonder if she is not pushing the “sexy” angle a bit too far, since she is not anywhere near as hot as the 20-somethings. She is beginning to look like a joke with her fake boobs, fake hair pieces, fake lashes, fake tan, fake smile, fake everything. It’s like looking at a transvestite be born. Leave the pan-cake make-up and “fake” everything at home, Fiona! It’s not working…especially not in REAL life…yes, I know you. People are laughing behind your back. Do not become Anna Nicole or Pam Anderson. Please do not. Maybe you’ll go back to your natural self, someday?

  9. Yes, all witches should be hairy old hags. I first became interested in paganism through THE WITCHES BIBLE with the beautiful Janet Farrar nude throughout the book. Female beauty – a proxy for the goddess – inspires me as a poet and pagan. If Fiona wishes to “augment” herself that is her business. Cyberpagans are a a contradiction in terms. When postmodern witches give up their Blackberrys and laptops they can stop throwing stones at glass houses.

  10. Witches! Covers a lot of different categories of people. The name itself is truly synonymous with anything unchristian. After all, it were they who really came after us. Do you think maybe Jesus was a Shaman? Just wondering. Anyway, disappointed, or maybe not, there is a photo of Fiona I have yet to find. It was published in the earlier shoot, 1998. The photo for me was indeed a focal point for contact. I felt at ease within. Indeed, under her vigilant gaze I was gently coaxed into to exploring what I have inside of me. Indeed. Good job guys, love your work.

  11. I’ve not told, nor have I had any reason to tell this story for n’years but i’ll dob on Fiona here and then be done with it- for the sake of a bit of gossip and for my great mate who now happens to be…. a successful merchant banker (ahem). My mate, his brother and another guy won (Sydney radio station) 2SER’s demo of the year (back when it used to rule the airwaves) only to have the other guy move to Sth America under the guise of a going on holiday with his girlfriend. Not long after DEF fx ended (in which she tore it up mind you) Fiona replaced the MIA frontman but it never got past jamming/rehearsals as the brothers were dumped by phone- given, the two were/are a little bit dorky. The ‘brother’ fielded the call and, amongst other things, was told by Fiona that “the world is waiting for me”. Her confidence certainly did take her places but quite sadly could not keep her away from the surgeon’s knife. I hope for her sake that she does not grow old holding a ‘Zsa Zsa complex’. Peace.

  12. and oh yeah, I ended up on this page looking at her boobies- I like the old ones better.

  13. lightdragon Says:

    and what Ess said for april 29,2011. i remember she had her own forum years ago. went into all sorts of paranoia ,selfishness and other ego trips. she ended up shutting down her forum. and then started to lurk in one guy’s forum. pretty much the admins. from her old forum were sayin’ shit about her because they knew she was lurking. all i did in the fight outbreaks was to say i wanted to have anal sex with her. i got teased about it and that was about it. i usually don’t give her much thought now except when someone mentions her. which is usually about once a year or so.

    did meet another sexy Aussie singer/witch. that was Wendy Rule. very nice person also a nice ass. and no i did not have sex with her. all we did was stand next to each other during a cermony to honor another witch which died.
    Fiona Horne should learn a thing or two from Wendy Rule in how to act.

  14. Sprmcandy Says:

    Beautiful lady.

  15. lovely

  16. Caribbean Guy Says:

    Fiona is now living in the US Virgin Islands on St. Croix where she plays a small role on the Mongoose 104.9 FM morning show as Captain Fifi. She is generally the most annoying part of the show and I’d personally prefer to listen to the commercials than her. Additionally, Fiona has found another band to play with on St. Croix appropriately called Dick’s Garage.

    Her grotesquely large fake breasts look rather worn out now that she’s aged and she is much shorter than I would have thought. I haven’t heard much about her witch craft hobby but I’m certain the locals on the island will really support that.

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